SEGMAR Research is a market research and consulting firm that provides comprehensive support to clients seeking to harness the potential of rapidly globalizing 'food' and 'agriculture' markets.

SEGMAR Research specializes in market research and strategic consulting in the international food, drink and agribusiness sectors. Drawing on its in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the field, SEGMAR conducts research and studies in agriculture, forestry and fisheries and their related policies on behalf of clients seeking to expand into new markets overseas and those seeking out procurement sources abroad.

Established in Tokyo in 2020, SEGMAR Research does business in the tradition of its predecessor, Promar Consulting, a pioneer in the field of agribusiness consulting. Like Promar, SEGMAR Research works with a solid network of consultants around the world to ensure coverage of all major markets.

Leveraging the expertise of its multinational Tokyo staff, SEGMAR Research provides a range of on-demand research and consulting services to both domestic and international clients, analyzing market information specific to respective regions, but from a global perspective - all the while striving to deliver practical solutions that strengthen our clients’ positions as they establish themselves in overseas markets.

At SEGMAR Research, we go beyond the traditional areas of service to also offer coordination for promotional and strategy implementation activities to help shore up research results. We also provide communication solutions that help clients do business better in overseas markets.

Company Profile

Headquarters Arai Bldg. 8F-A, 4-11-7 Hatchobori Chuo -ku Tokyo 104-0032, Japan 【MAP】
TEL: +81-(0)3-6222-0003
Established October 2000 Promar Japan established
October 2010 Trade Name changed to Promar Consulting
March 2020 SEGMAR Research established as successor to Promar Consulting
Representative Ivan Cardenas
Main Areas of Business
  • Research and consulting services in the agribusiness sector, including agricultural and food products
  • Promotional support for entering the Japanese market or markets overseas
  • Communications solutions for business development in both Japanese and overseas markets
No. of Employees 7 (including affiliated staff)



Global Network

In addition to staff at our Tokyo headquarters, SEGMAR Research maintains a global network of consultants located in China, the EU, USA, Mexico, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Brazil, India, Russia, and elsewhere.

This global network enables us to quickly gain a profound understanding of local market dynamics, business cultures, legal systems, supply chains, and other relevant information.

In addition to our network of consultants, we also work with local consumer research firms in different regions.

This combination of consultant-based market analysis with actual consumer research allows us to conduct more integrated research, thereby enhancing the quality of the final product we deliver to clients.

Global Network

Staff Profiles

SEGMAR boasts a cadre of experienced, multilingual, international professionals, who work in close cooperation with our partners worldwide to deliver services that meet high global standards.

Our Tokyo Office

Ivan CardenasPresident

Ivan Cardenas

Born in Lima, Peru, Ivan Cardenas holds an MA in International Development from the University of Nagoya. His experience in market and industry research spans service at the Embassy of Spain in Tokyo, the Embassy of Japan in Chile, the Consulate General of Japan in Miami, and at the Tokyo Office of Enterprise Florida. Prior to SEGMAR Research, he was a Senior Consultant at our predecessor, Promar, where he conducted research on over 50 countries, including field research in over 20. His work focuses on analyzing different elements of trade relations between Japan and Latin America, and Spain, as well as on promotional activities for food products. He is a native speaker of Spanish and Japanese and is also fluent in English.

Main Project Experiences:
  • Market Research on High Quality Beef in the US, for Industry Organization
  • Commissioned Research and Analysis of the Overseas Agricultural, Trade and Investment Environment (Africa), for Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Market Analysis for White Fish Products in Four Asian Markets, for Industry Organization
  • Study on the Sugar Industry in the Philippines, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Survey on the Status of Initiatives for Sustainable Coffee Production, for Private Company
  • Market Insight for Red Meat in Middle East, for UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)
  • Survey of Overseas Pig Farming Industry (Europe), for Industry Organization

Junko HayashidaPromotion Manager

A graduate of Sophia University, Junko Hayashida joined SEGMAR Research after experiences that span the Embassy of Argentina in Japan and the Cataluna Trade and Investment Office in Japan and Promar Consulting. Her main responsibilities have ranged from market research on agricultural products and other commodities to coordinating promotions and business meetings between industry organizations and the Japanese Government. Over seven years at Promar, Ms. Hayashida coordinated promotions for overseas industry organizations, including the promotion for Mexican pork in Japan, and led a number of survey and research projects that helped cement her Latin America expertise, particularly on Mexico and Argentina. In addition to Japanese, her native language, Ms. Hayashida is fluent in Spanish and English.

Main Project Experiences:
  • Coordination of Authentic Shochu and Awamori Seminars and Tasting Events for Foreigners Living in Japan (Online in 2018 and 2019 and In-person in 2020 and 2021), for Industry Organization
  • Serving as Japan Promotion Office for Mexican Pork Exporters Association (2005-2016)
  • Serving as Japan Promotion Office for Wild Blueberry Association of North (2014-2022)
  • Coordination of Mexican Avocado Promotion Project in Japan (2014-2016)
  • Serving as Japan Promotion Office for Chilean Pork Exporters Organization (2019)
  • Data Collection on Livestock and Other Products from Mexico, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC) (2022)

Mari UemaConsultant

Mari Uema holds a bachelor's degree from Augsburg University with a major in economics and minors in Mathematics and International Relations. She worked for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and Promar before joining the SEGMAR Research team. Ms. Uema has been in charge of research leading to reports for a government organization on overseas sugar industries (Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.) as well as on supply and demand trends in overseas livestock industries. She has also conducted research in other areas such as the pork check-off system, the milk and dairy product markets in France and the U.S., and the supply and demand of grains in the EU. She is particularly adept at information gathering, field research and report writing. In addition to her native Japanese, Ms. Uema is fluent in English.

Main Project Experiences:
  • Study on the Sugar Industry in Australia, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Survey on Production and Distribution Trends for Japonica Rice in the US and Italy, for Industry Organization
  • The Biological Control/Beneficial Insects Market in Japan, for Private Company
  • Survey of Supply and Demand Trends for Livestock Products in Canada, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Market Research on Milk and Dairy Products and Research on Japanese Dairy Products (USA and France), for Industry Organization
  • Research Project on the Pork Check-off System, for Japan Ministry of Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
  • Norwegian Salmon in Japanese and Korean Markets, for Industry Organization
  • Understanding the Japan Pork Market, for Industry Organization
  • Survey on the Status of Potato Production in the Netherlands, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Market Insight for Red Meat in Middle East, for UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)

Kevin MeekResearch Analyst

Originally from Jamaica, Kevin Meek is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and holds a Master's degree in International Studies from the University of Chile. Prior to moving to Japan, Mr. Meek worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jamaica. He has lived in Japan since 2003, spending his first three years as a high school English teacher with the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme before moving into advisory and coordinator capacities at the prefectural and national levels, respectively. He subsequently spent seven years as Corporate Communications Specialist and HR Trainer at Mitsubishi Corporation and over two years as Senior Event Coordination at Aichi International Exhibition Center, Japan's fourth largest events venue. He is a native English speaker with high levels of proficiency in Spanish and Japanese.

Main Project Experiences:
  • Study on the Sugar Industry in the USA, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Study on the Sugar Industry in Guatemala, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Research on the Pork Industry in Argentina, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Dairy & Meat Sector’s Competitors Study, for Industry Organization

Rie YoshidaAdviser

Rie Yoshida’s background includes experience as an Account Executive at Burson-Marsteller, one of the world’s top PR firms, and as Market Research Manager at food products specialists Pro Global Inc. She became Promar Japan’s representative in 1991, later founding and serving as President of a new company, Promar Japan, in 2000. Having accumulated a breath of knowledge from the range of national and international clients served over the years, Ms. Yoshida now serves SEGMAR Research in the capacity of adviser, overseeing corporate strategy and overall project flow.

Main Project Experiences:
  • Survey on Japan’s Coffee Bean Supplier Countries, for Industry Organization
  • Survey on Pesticide Containers and Disposal in the Americas and Europe, for Private Company
  • Research on Projects That Promote the Establishment of Food Value Chains (including those That Support Bilateral Business Partnerships in Africa), for Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Study on the Sugar Industry in the Philippines, for Japan Agriculture & Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)
  • Strategic Plan for Expanding Mexican Pork Exports to Japan, for Industry Organization
  • Japan Wine Market Annual Report, for US Embassy in Tokyo