Services Offered

SEGMAR Research helps clients reach strategic decisions, seize opportunities in international markets, and solve business problems. Our core areas of business are as follows.

Food and Agribusiness Research and Consulting

We provide private companies, government agencies and industry organizations with up-to-date, data-driven research findings in the food and agribusiness sector, with our services including market entry and strategy development research, agricultural policy research, regulatory affairs research and supply chain analysis.

Coordination and Implementation of Promotional and Marketing Activities

We provide marketing strategy development and coordination services for promotional activities, ensuring that promotional budgets are utilized efficiently. We use our on-the-ground knowledge of the entire distribution chain to select targets for maximum marketing impact and coordinate PR, media and retail partner activities to ensure maximum impact.

Communications Solutions Requiring Language Skills and Networks in Local Markets.

We provide clients expanding overseas with a number of business solutions that require language skills and local networks. These range from translating reports and related documents and interpreting at business meetings to identifying and approaching potential business partners and arranging site visits.

Our services include the following:
  • Business strategy development and planning
  • Assessment of new markets and market opportunities
  • Advice, assessment and assistance with mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Ongoing provision of hard-to-obtain data and business intelligence
  • Analysis and monitoring of regulatory policies and their impacts
  • Economic and multilateral policy research support
  • Planning, assessment and coordination of promotional programs for market development

SEGMAR Research leverages its international network to support food and agribusiness ventures across countries and regions. Below are some of the locations in which we have a continued presence. Just click on the region you wish to learn about on the map or in the table below the map.

world map

Japan China East Asia South & Southeast Asia Oceania North America Latin America Europe Russia & Central Asia Middle East & North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa

Despite its declining population and the rapid development of other Asian countries, Japan remains a huge consumer market and a major importer of food and agricultural products. Its distribution structure has changed significantly but remains complex, and local consumers are notoriously demanding. However, Japanese businesses are keen to develop new product ideas and technologies and the market still presents attractive opportunities for international stakeholders. The expansion of Japanese food companies and the promotion of agricultural, forestry and fisheries exports overseas is now an important element of Japanese trade and providing support to Japanese government agencies and private sector interests is a critical element of or work at SEGMAR Research.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Assessment of the impact of FTAs with Mexico, Chile, Thailand, New Zealand, Canada, China, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries in relation to the Japanese agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food markets.
  • Review of foreign agribusiness companies’ product distribution systems in the Japanese market through direct surveys of Japanese wholesalers and developing a strategic advisory plan for working with them.
  • Research into attracting Japanese agribusiness and food companies to invest in Australia.
Rapid growth has led to significant poverty reduction and the growth of a strong middle class in China, making it an attractive consumer market for global business. Several factors, however, including physical size, large population and ethnic diversity, issues of transparency, and distribution networks still being formulated, make careful market analysis an essential condition for success when doing business in China. SEGMAR Research provides consumer market research and other services from critical locations in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Wenzhou, and Guangzhou. We do research and consulting on rice, fruits and vegetables, seafood and livestock production and processing bases in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces. We also do research on policy and regulatory frameworks as well as provide periodical news distribution and other services upon request.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Weekly/Monthly distribution of information on China’s grain and oilseed industry.
  • Analysis of consumption and further potential for US beef in the city of Wenzhou.
  • Cost analysis of different agricultural phases (for rice, wheat, beef and dairy) in China and research on potential in the agricultural machinery market.
East Asia
South Korea and Taiwan have seen a significant rise in living standards over the years and increasingly rely on imports to meet their food consumption demands. South Korea, for instance, has taken a major step forward by signing FTAs with the US, the EU and other major economies and has presented itself as an attractive consumer market through tariff reductions and other measures. Given their geographical proximity, both countries have similar food cultures to Japan’s, and are major food export markets for Japan. SEGMAR Research provides a range of services in these markets, including fact-finding surveys, policy analysis and consulting for companies in the agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Research on the mackerel, herring and salmon markets in South Korea.
  • Research on the pork market in South Korea.
  • Research and analysis of the agricultural sector in relation to the South Korea-US FTA.
South and Southeast Asia
South and Southeast Asia are regions made up of fast-growing economies and rapidly expanding populations including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Not only are these attractive markets for agricultural and fisheries products, but these countries are also exporters of palm oil, rice and processed marine and livestock products as well. Private investment in the agricultural and food sectors is also increasing in other countries of the region such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, as they move towards less dependence on international economic aid. SEGMAR Research also provides research and consultancy services in these countries.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Research on the Japanese food market in Singapore.
  • Research on the coffee industry and changes in pesticide use over time in India and Vietnam.
  • Research and analysis of the seafood processing industry and the re-export of imported seafood in Thailand and Vietnam.
Oceania accounts for a relatively small proportion of the global population. Its two largest economies, Australia and New Zealand, are major agricultural producers, with signature exports including beef, lamb, cheese, other dairy products such as milk powder and butter, oilseeds, wheat and sugar. Both countries have undergone major fiscal reforms that have significantly reduced agricultural subsidies and have stepped up efforts as part the Cairns Group in WTO negotiations to further reduce subsidies. In both countries, old boards have been reorganized and large-scale agribusiness firms such as Fonterra, Zespri and Enza have been established, attracting investment in the agriculture and food industries from around the globe. These countries have also taken the spotlight for strides made in the agricultural machinery and biotechnology sectors.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Issuing of monthly bulletin on Australian grain production and exports.
  • Cost analysis of the dairy and beef sectors and research into the agricultural machinery markets in Australian and New Zealand.
  • Research on New Zealand's agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries as well as on its trade and FTA strategy.
North America
The USA and Canada are both large exporters of food and agricultural products. They are very attractive consumer markets for Japanese agricultural, forestry and fisheries and other food products as well. Japanese cuisine in North America is no longer just a specialty trend, it is now becoming a day-to-day norm, even in homes, and inroads by Japanese food interests into the market continue to grow. SEGMAR Research works with partners in the USA and Canada to provide research, including direct observation, in grain, livestock and distribution in both countries. SEGMAR Research also does consulting on the export of Japanese agricultural, forestry and fisheries and food products, and on investments in the local agricultural and food industries.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Studies on Canadian wheat, barley, beef and pork industries and on Canada-Japan trade in agricultural, forestry and fisheries products, as well as on the impact of the Japan-Canada EPA.
  • Analysis of the nutritional food market in the US and the potential for nutritional food raw materials produced in Japan.
  • Assessment of investment opportunities in the US for Japanese grain companies.
Latin America and the Caribbean
Latin America and the Caribbean is among the world's leading coffee, soybean, seafood, livestock and fruit producing regions thanks to significant agroindustry in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. It is also now a major battleground for agricultural machinery, biotechnology, agrochemicals and fertilizers, seeds and related agribusiness. Four SEGMAR Research offices in Latin America support our capacity to deliver quality research and business support across the region.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Research on animal feed markets in Brazil and Argentina and analysis of potential for feedstock supply.
  • Research and analysis of Chilean and Mexican trade in agricultural, forestry and fisheries products in relation to the conclusion of an FTA with Japan.
  • Issuing of monthly bulletin on production, exports, supply and demand, and agricultural investment in the grain and oilseed industries in Brazil and Argentina.
Europe is both a huge consumer and exporter of agricultural and food products. Not only is it an attractive market from an economic standpoint, but the ever-expanding EU also has immense international influence in relation to food safety regulations, pesticide use restrictions, environmental administration and agricultural policy. European companies also lead the world in food technology, seed development, biotechnology and environmental business. Working with partners in the UK and France, SEGMAR Research is equipped to provide research and consultancy services as well as coordinate study visits in Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries in Europe.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Research on the European fertilizer raw materials market and analysis of potential for entry of Japanese products.
  • Research and analysis of the European food processing raw materials market.
  • Monthly reports on grains supply and demand in France, Germany and other major European countries.
Russia and Central Asia
Russia and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan) are not only big producers of oil, natural gas and minerals, they are also major grain producing areas with an abundance of wheat, corn and soybeans. However, the region is also a source of turbulence in international commodity markets, which are often heavily influenced by climatic conditions. In terms of consumption, Russia is by far the most formidable market in the region, but SEGMAR Research has local partners on the ground, which enables us to carry out site visits and research into production, policy and consumer market trends.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include:
  • Research and analysis of Japanese seafood and fruit exports to Russia.
  • Development of strategies for Japanese fisheries products to enter the Russian market.
  • Research on the supply of special oilseeds from Kazakhstan and assistance in establishing a supply chain.
Middle East and North Africa
This region includes Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. The major agricultural countries in the region have long developed subsistence farming policies for major cereals, but have turned to agricultural imports to protect their precious water resources and economic development. North Africa is one of the world’s main producers of cotton and boasts its largest reserves of phosphate ore (used in fertilizers), making it an important region of interest from an agribusiness perspective.

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include :
  • Study on the food value chain in Egypt.
  • Study on the sugar industry in Turkey.
  • Market research on red meat in six Middle Eastern countries.
Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa is ripe with opportunities for business in the food, agriculture and environment sectors. In the context of international development as well, there is a growing emphasis on 'aid for trade’, rather than just ‘aid’, which means that there is an increasing need for support, not only in terms of production technology and seed development, but also in SEGMAR Research’s areas of expertise, such as distribution, market development and overseas promotion. It is also an important region for Japan given that countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique are important sources of coffee beans, fruits and spices, and other imports. The region has also been gaining attention as a destination for private investments and is also been establishing itself as an important consumer market. 

Recent/Ongoing Projects Include :
  • Research on South Africa's agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry.
  • Research and strategy revision with regard to the expansion of South Africa's citrus industry exports to Japan and other Asian markets.
  • Study on coffee production and distribution chains in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Research & Consulting

Market Research and Business Development

  • Develop strategies for market entry and market expansion
  • Identify threats and opportunities in the market
  • Analyze competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify markets for prioritizing based on the efforts required for developing each market

Product Development and Procurement-related Support

  • Identify opportunities, new products and promotional concepts in new markets
  • Perform commercialization studies for new products in target markets
  • Develop strategies for how to prioritize markets for future product launches
  • Provide assessments across the entire supply and value chains, ranging from producers to collectors, processors, wholesalers, exporters, importers and retailers, and make recommendations for effective partnerships
  • Assist with identifying procurement partners, conducting procurement feasibility studies, and with undertaking raw material supply chain and safety assessments.

Due Diligence

  • Identify and evaluate prospective partners
  • Prioritize prospective partners according to their suitability for the client
  • Research level of influence of prospective partners in the market
  • Assist in negotiations with stakeholders
  • Conduct external and internal evaluations of prospective partners

Market Monitoring

  • Conduct research, do interviews and prepare reports on trends that affect products and markets on a national scale
  • Track production status, price demands, and other major issues related to grains trading on a global scale
  • Regularly sample sales volumes, display conditions, prices of specific products and competitor behavior at retail locations

Regulatory Reviews

  • Labelling and restrictions on raw materials
  • Customs and tax laws
  • Product labelling
  • Certification schemes (organic farming, fair trading, etc.)
  • Make recommendations for client responses to supervisory bodies and regulators
  • Identify potential solutions to regulatory problems and other challenges

Economic and Political Analysis

  • Research on food safety and traceability
  • Studies and reports on trade policy (such as developments with FTAs and WTO actions)
  • Research on agricultural subsidies
  • Evaluation of foreign funding and international development projects

B-to-B Events & Promotions

Coordination and Support for Promotions

  • Provide assessments of export promotion policies and promotion programs for main food exporting countries
  • Provide assessments of industry-wide sales promotion, sugges strategies for improving existing plans, and propose ways for more effectively stimulating business and customer demand
  • Provide coordination support for formulating budgets, identifying opportunities, specifying suitable promotion mechanisms, elaborating strategies and implementing large scale export promotion plans

Support for B-to-B Events

  • Identify and negotiate with potential business partners on behalf of clients expanding overseas
  • Organize logistics and bring customers together for industry-wide events
  • Provide research, interpreting and follow-up services for online seminars and meetings

Communications Solutions

Communications Solutions for Clients Seeking to Do Business Overseas

  • Make arrangements for and support venture launches overseas (including interpreting services)
  • Execute relevant procedures on behalf of clients as necessary
  • Translate commercial materials and food and agriculture documents